Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog vs. Web Page

As a small business person myself, I came to this fork in the road as I grow my business again. I've done the website thing in the past, but one thing that strikes me in this climate of instant everything is that a blog seems much more alive to me. It's actually the case for me that when I look at a website now, I'm thinking, 'Gee, I wonder the last time this was updated?'
So, I've decided to just not go there. I'm making the commitment to you and myself to stay out there and give you a place to see just what is going on. Just what news I'm coming across that I can pass along and what my finger feels as it points in the wind.
Many of us are on Twitter and Facebook, but it's about finding those resources that really work for you and where YOU are right now. That's where you'll come back to, to bookmark.

Please comment to your heart's content! I want to hear from you and know what kind of guidance would be useful.

I can do mentoring via the phone for those long distance and for those of you who are in the Portland, OR area, I'm here for you in person.

Thanks for joining me,



  1. I just lost a comment. Phooey! Here it is again, I hope.

    I maintain the web pages for our local Friends of the Library ( I don't think this small organization would benefit from being a blog instead of web pages, since most of the information is pretty static, and people can subscribe to web page updates. It's a low traffic web site, which is mostly used to find out what's on the calendar.

    I have seen organizations link to a blog on their static web pages, which provides a way to broadcast their current thinking and development directions.

    I agree with you 10000000% that an out-of-date web site will drive traffic away instead of attract it.

  2. I think Sally Melville's web site is a good combination of static and blog...


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