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It's All About Me

As I was composing this post in my head, I wondered if I should post it here... or here or here. Well hey, if it's all about me...?

This is actually about the fear of failure and the expectations we have of ourselves.

I had a knitting experience today and if you know me, knitting is the single analogy for everything in my life.

I was taking a knitting break and making a pair of mittens from a pattern I've been holding onto for a while. I started it with some yarn that I didn't like and then I started them over again after being into them about 5%. Now I'm about 30 % into them with the "right yarn" and I get to this part and I think:

Holy Cr*p, I don't think I know how to do this part. This looks all wrong. I can't do this. I remember that I can't do this!!

Who can't relate to that? Even in the position as mentor to others, this comes up for me often enough. It's like the therapist who has all their own woes and doesn't want others to make t…