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The Security of a Paycheck...

image by Tyson Crosbie

Is that what we're learning in this recession? It's been at least 20 years since I read about the nature of the "Modern" business world. Our country is still suffering from the non-education of our workers. A person learns a job and the incentive to pick up new skills can be nil. It's been said that the responsibility of the Employer in today's business world is to give their employee the opportunity to have a job for "some period" of time. The responsibility of the individual is to learn as many new skills as possible to jettison them into the next job.

Even though this was stated as the new world of business some decades ago, it clearly has not been adopted in many failing industries. So, when I ask people what they have to lose by striking out on their own, they talk about that paycheck security, or that Health Insurance security.

At this time when we have been debating the heck out of the current state of healthcare, I…

What Should You be Asking?

Sometimes my personal experiences of doing business fall right into my lap as blog posts. As I have said many times, we all need a mentor. This one is as much about me as it is you.

The question I would like to hear more of my clients asking is: What do I need to do to make my business more successful?

Often my initial sessions with folks focus on things that they feel have gone wrong in the past months or the past years. What I hear a lot of is:
I guess people don't really want the good stuff any more because they're rather shop in a big store.Everyone wants something for nothing!All I do is work and I feel like no one gets how much work goes into what I do!Things just aren't the way they used to be...What pattern do you see here? I see blaming outside sources.

Another way of looking at all of their situations is:
How can I find the people who want the good stuff I make?People value what they pay for. How can I rise to the level of getting those folks to pay me?How can I tell …