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To the Core of the Matter

This is one of those questions I get all the time:
I've had this job for years and now I want a change. I've always dreampt of X business, am I crazy to try it?This question has everything to do with "core skills". Those are the skills that you already have a firm grasp on. Skills that you have acquired in some way or other, in your life, that give you an understanding of the business that you want to start.

For instance, if you want to start a retail store, some of the skills that would be important would be:
Sales experienceOutgoing personalityOrganizedKnowing a bit about the product that you want to sellHaving connections with people who want to buy this kind of product if it is "niche"A grasp of basic bookkeepingPhysical ability to lift and carry merchandiseAbility to negotiate!
A retail business if a physical thing. It requires long hours, hauling of merchandise, moving things constantly. As muchtime as one spends talking to customers, one is also dealing …