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Midstream Turn About

Yes, you wrote your business plan, things are moving along and....
Oh no! Everything's changed again!
Ah yes. It has, it will and it must.
What you do right now is crucial. Let's talk.

Sometimes our initial business model has...flaws. It may address what you think the scenario of your marketplace is, but no. It's just not right. What does that mean?

You're probably just like everyone else in the beginningYou should re-brainstorm your whole business idea and see if there are other ways you could deliver the same product or service.You may have just found a new niche market that you'll want to take advantage of.It's time to dig a little deeper because there may be a "secret" that you don't know about what you're doing.You should get a grip and stop thinking about quitting your idea. It probably just needs an adjustment.Often, we have a rather narrow idea of what our business is supposed to be. These ideas are formed by our experience in that market, …