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Still About Me...

Thanks for indulging me, folks...

It's a new year, a new decade and I've been rethinking my Twitter name a lot. For me it's been an interesting experiment. I've kept it as "Knitfemme" because that's how so many in the cyber world know me. But, after a year of activity on Twitter and somehow many folks finding me and hiring me as a consultant, I've decided to open things up a bit.

I've kept my fiber-arts and biz identities very much tied because it's occurred to me that perhaps it would keep me a little bit more "warm and fuzzy" (pun intended). I think it worked. over 2,550 followers later, I realize that I'd like my identity to make a little more sense to folks who don't "get me".

Laura sent me this list from Forbes of the Top female entrepreneaurs on Twitter and first: I wasn't on the list. Second, my name didn't "fit" on the list.

I have chosen @MelissaThinks

When was I playing around with names and …