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Taking Inventory

I rarely come up against more differing opinions regarding accounting practices than when I talk about inventory.

Just yesterday I met with a prospective client who purchases parts which are drop-shipped and assembled at a manufacturer. Not a crazy idea. A smart financial choice it would seem. If I were to look at the books for this company, though I wouldn't actually see any of this activity. Why? All the inventory related activity is done outside of Quickbooks.

To use an ERM system or any kind of a external database for working with your inventory may be a sound decision for some businesses. Nevertheless, one should be able to look at your Profit and Loss Balance Sheet and see where your inventory assets are at any moment in time. Are they in transit to your warehouse? Are they paid for in advance but won't ship for two months? You may be able to tell me the answer to these questions by looking at your external database. What happens though if 3 years from now you are looki…