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Adventure or Crisis?

I was just saying the other day that I have a hard time deciding which posts belong in what blogs I write these days.
This one is clearly economy related.
You also may not want to hear it.

Oh good, you're reading!
If you think that you can "console" yourself with: But the economy sucks and everyone is having a hard time.
Think again. Literally:

How is it that "even in this economy" you're most likely still going to stores and buying stuff and paying for services? Because you believe they have value to you. We live in a capitalist society that, for better or worse, attaches monetary value to almost everything. You know, the commercial that goes something like, "box seats at Yankee Stadium, $500, four hot dogs, $20, the look on your kids face, priceless."

The last part is what people seem to be more interested in today. The experience. The look on your kid's face, the feeling that you get, the "experiential" part of what you'r…

What Were You Thinking?

You may be already jumping to a conclusion with the title of this post that I must be addressing you with this rhetorical question. The "you" is really me and perhaps us all at some point.

I had a conversation with someone today about the fear of making the "wrong" decision. Rather than tell you her story, let me turn to my own. Every day I give folks advice on what next move to make, or how to move forward. I work with the information I have at the time. Every time I do this I am working with several elements:
Knowledge of their "landscape" or situation as they present it to me, Knowledge of the different elements in play (i.e. the creative process, or monetary concerns) Then the last and least quantifiable:
My intuition.What I am thinking, feeling and perceiving about what client might do changes as the information changes and "updates". Therefore, what I am thinking at any given time is subject to change. Scary? It shouldn't be for you and…