Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog

I have a copy of this magazine here, Wearables published by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute). This particular publication focuses on sellers and buyers of "wearables" that are customizable with advertising or corporate logos.

A couple of months ago I was contacted for an interview about the value of blogging for business. The interview went well and eventually I was notified that it had gone to press. The fella who interviewed my found me through my business blog. Interesting.

As you can see, if you click on the above image and view it full size you can read the full interview. You might also notice that there is no mention of my blog address, nor anyone else who was interviewed.

I went to the online version of the magazine and found a feature called "Business Toolkit". If you click on the web subject, up pops a window with an image of the print page using a application called "Flash Paper", which in not unlike a PDF. There you can read this same article, still with no live links.

So, a publication that is trying to educate their readers about the value of blogging for business is not actually using that technology or any other ability to "link" to resources outside it's actual print magazine. I was shocked!

I did not want to appear ungrateful but I had initially taken the time for this interview because I believed it would drive traffic to my blog. I interview people all the time and this is the exchange: You answer some questions to me and I'll put you out there! Yes, folks can find me easily if they google my name. In this case though, I wonder how you can talk about a technologies' worth and then not actually use it. Hmmm.

I contacted the editor via email and asked what has happened with this. The response I got was:

You're right, it wouldn't have done much harm to include the links for the blogs. Just chalk it up to a simple oversight between writer and editor. Thanks for your help
C.J. Mittica"

Alrighty then!

What tells me is that there is a fear of technology in some business sectors and a sense of "self-protection" as well. A thought that perhaps if you like to someone else, you can giving them a change to leave your site. There are ways around that like a second browser window opening with the link so that you can easily go back if you wish. It's not rocket science but this example was simply astounding to me.

Blogging for business makes sense. If you actually read the above article, you'll get my take on it. (!)


  1. I've had a blog since about 2004. I initially started in on a lark and soon became very aware that it enabled me to interact with the world on a very different level that I find rather addictive and fun.

    I soon realized that the blog gave me a chance to explore the passion I chose for myself, which is graphic design, type, and art. One problem is that I also like to talk about a whole lot more than that; politics, humor, all sorts of stuff. So my blog is less a tool for self promotion than it is kind of an ongoing sort of online performance.

    So, for a long time I've been on the edge of either narrowing my content focus or maybe creating a second blog. But with whatever online presence and goodwill I have based on that one blog, I've been reluctant to make a bold move (which is, for some reason, something I feel is necessary). I have narrowed my focus somewhat and have pushed design and art up to the front of the blog. I think I can do more though.

  2. When I started my blog ( back in 2004, it was kind of on a lark. Right now my mission is going toward solidly toward really drilling down in my passions, which include type, graphic design, and art (illustration).

    Since I started it with no clear mission, though, I pretty much talked about whatever I wanted to up until this point. So I may have concentrated my focus (at least I think I have) but I wonder if my past is diluting my present leaving me with a weak future.

    I'd start a new blog with a different focus, but I don't know if that would just take what little online juice I do have away from my main blog.

    So, I think I need to make a bold move in one direction or another, but I'm still trying to figure out just what that might be, I guess.

    Shame about the article. I don't understand what value a article about blogging would be without links to blogs (which can actually be embedded in a Flash paper or PDF document, which is one of the points of that sort of electronic media) giving immediate reality to the content, it comes off as though the editors (if I can be bold about this) don't "get" what it is they're publishing about. I did like the points you made in it though. They were good ones.


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