Monday, April 6, 2009

Too Much Noice or in a Vacuum?

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I personally feel different about this question every day. I can be and feel both ways all the time. I chalk that up to technology for the most part. We spend our days on a computer, with information coming at us from all directions, but there we are in our own space, working alone or in a small group.

Other than the obvious suggestion of "we've gotta get out a bit more", I think the other best suggestion is to not just surround ourselves with people who are doing what we're doing. It's so easy for that to happen, in our desire to have and create community but there comes a point where it does become a vacuum. We validate each other: "Oh yeah! Things are really rough out there and no one appreciates what we're doing!" or "This is the next happening thing. Don't you see everyone on about this right now?"

The people who see trends coming from a distance are the Visionaries for a reason. They put together all the elements of what's going on in a particular market and blend it with the overall trends in lifestyles and consumerism. Visionaries have a place in our society and it is very often NOT creating new products and services, but inspiring them.

Whatever your business is, chances are, you're going to see the world through that 'lens'--the lens of YOUR world. That's fine, as long as you know that and see that there are other ways to see the world that will inevitability affect you as a business owner. It comes down to balancing your time every day, or every week with the kind of information you let into your stream. If you're on a social media marketing site, try and follow folks who are in very different businesses in other parts of the US and the world as a way to broaden your perspective.

You don't know what you don't know! Keep an open mind.

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